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So what's with the music theme ANYWAYS?

Musical Family

As far back as I can remember, music has been a part of my family. From seeing my Dad play at weddings and band rehearsals to large events and concerts in the park in the SCV. 

Everyone in my family is a musician. My brother started playing drums when he was 5. My sister started singing when she was 8. My mom has an excellent voice but can really only play the radio. And so I decided to follow suit and become a musician at 10, guitar and vocals was my forte. My first guitar was a blue Fender Stratocaster.

My brother, my sister, my dad, and I decided to form a family band. We were called "Felico".  It started with school talent shows and playing for friends, family and graduation parties. As we progressed we then moved on to local venues like Q-zar in Valencia and Cafe Tara in Canyon Country. We even landed a gig at the Roxy in Hollywood - there we were noticed by some big time producers. They decided to take us into the studio and record us professionally. We laid down a lot of great tracks, took some professional photos; and produced some unique original music. But like most great bands we parted ways musically. However from time to time we still get together and rock out!

So why theme the website?

Music now is still a very large part of my life and culture and so I thought it would be a bit memorable for me to theme my lending website around music and rock n' roll. I thought people could relate to this - and they do! Taking my love of Music and love for Real Estate and then fusing the two together -  well, this is how DansRockinRate.com was born. 

Make no Mistake...

As fun as music and rock n' roll is - rest assured that when I am dealing with real estate financing, your personal information and the biggest purchase of your life - we talk on a serious level. 

With hundreds of happy clients, rock solid interest rates & a high level of service & commitment - you'll be glad we met!

So if you're ready to talk - I'm ready to listen.

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