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5 Great 

Reasons to Refinance

1. Historically Low rates

Yes you may have read it before, but what does it really mean & how does it benefit you?

Well, at one point in the 1980's, rates were as high at 18%! This made buying or refinancing extremely difficult for most people. 

Oh how times have changed! Fixed Rates are now in the 4's & 5's. (Remember, rates are subject to change daily & this is not a rate quote)

So that can change the monthly payment drastically. Although home prices were lower, so was everyone's income - so really, its all relative. 

Lets look at a scenario to see the historical changes...


$500,000 Loan Amount 

18% Rate @ 30 yr Fixed 

Payment = $7,535



$500,000 Loan Amount

4.5% Rate @ 30yr Fixed 

Payment = $ 2533

(Please keep in mind this is not a rate quote,  It is just for informational purposes.)

Wow! 5,000 a month! You'd be crazy to keep that old rate and throw away so much money every month! 

So, even if rates are at 4%, 5% or 6% - they are still historically low. Take advantage of these low rates while you still can!

If you're ready to lock in a historically low rate & save some money,

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Reason # 2